Looking for Virgin America Tickets & Airfares?

Travelers who need to make bookings and reservations for domestic or international flights will be pleased with Expedia's services in providing tickets and facilitating travel specifications for customers to fly with Virgin Airlines America. Expedia makes flying simple and affordable for wise and budget conscious travelers to book the pitch perfect flight arrangements.

Travelers who tend to take their time reviewing airlines before committing their hard-earned travel budget to an airline will be pleased with Expedia's services. Flying with US Virgin Airlines offers an array of flight amenities, courteous service and a smooth and safe flight every time.

Based out of California, Virgin Airlines began operations in 2007. With new airplanes and expertly trained flight staff, vacationers flying with Virgin Airlines USA will find themselves enjoying the ease and convenience of travel. The reasonable flight fares available through Expedia for Virgin America Airlines on Virgin America flights add even more pleasure to the traveling experience. Since the prices of tickets, bookings and reservations can sometimes cause budgetary discomfort, Expedia's expertise will alleviate this issue.

US Virgin Airlines maintains its hub in San Francisco, California, but that does not limit where Virgin Airlines America travels throughout the United states. With frequent trips to 16 different locations in the US and three different destinations in Mexico, customers can find domestic and international flights to their favorite destinations on Virgin Airlines as simply as they can by using other airlines.

Virgin Airlines USA flies to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, Dallas-Forth Worth, San Diego, New York City and DC. Virgin America flights to major cities is simple.

With wifi on all of Virgin America Airlines planes, travelers can easily check their email or do last minute work before the official beginning of vacation if necessary. If travelers want to simply relax and enjoy the comfort of the flight, entertainment options abound. Each seat comes with a touch screen from which travelers can select the entertainment of their choice. Additionally, the selection of in-flight meals is varied and available to those flying by simply pressing the panel's red assistance button.
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Expedia gives you the tools you need to help make your travels easy and stress-free. Track arriving and departing flights in real-time with Virgin America flight status, get information on baggage allowance and fees, and view flight timetables based on your departure and arrival times. Check-in for your flight right from the comfort of your home or office by visiting the Virgin America online check-in. With helpful flight information and great support, Expedia eliminates the hassle in planning your trip and helps you have a great travel experience.

Airports serviced by Virgin America

Virgin America operates domestic and international flights from the following airports:

Airport Code
Airport Name
Number of Flights
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